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mat absolute control

"We're all on this road, with miles to go / Braving new pathways into the unknown"

Posted on 2005.07.13 at 17:44
Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: Where Are We Going From Here - Blackmore's Night
Just some random babbling about my new darling, namely the Blackmore's Night DVD Castles And Dreams. Ended up buying it today, and damn, I like it too damn much for my own good. The concert DVD was wonderful and included many of my favourite songs (Under A Violet Moon, Loreley, All For one...) The second DVD was filled with all kinds of lovely things (interviews, couple of videos and documentaries). Dang, it was difficult to choose what to watch first.

Yeah, all this crap because I like my new shiny DVD.

... And nobody probably read that. Oh, well, nobody's forcing ya anyway.

Sorry for the crappy English, am too tired


velgar at 2005-07-13 16:42 (UTC) (Link)
*Waddles in wearing long ears on his head*
Good to hear that not everything has been under the rain. ^_^
And we, even as I still don't know whom I'm addressing with it, read these thingies.
Nobody just likes to comment anything after I have "plagued" these...
*Kicks some rocks away*
But thank you for the song. ^_^
Oh and...
Sorry for being such an ass again...
*Waves little "I'm sowwy"-sign*

I'm just too stupid.
*Sad face*
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