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mat absolute control

"Those with glory shine like stars / The highest prize is to ride with victory"

Posted on 2006.03.10 at 21:02
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Swordmaster - Battlelore
Damn, I feel so tired. Went to sleep at 10pm yesterday, mostly because I was feeling way too tired to even stand up. Woke up around 6.30am today, and just... blech. I dislike being cold and tired all the time. I can't even do anything useful (or useless for that matter), I just... I don't know, every time I decide to do something I... I... I just feel like I don't have enough energy. Yeah, I'm babbling, ignore.

Well, what else... Yes. Bought Lordi's new album last week. Okay, so it wasn't as good as the previous ones, but I still liked it. This album had a couple of crappy songs, though. Might add a review later... IF I have enough energy, and if someone wants to read it. Don't know yet.

I'm very sorry about the bad and crappy English, I'm way too tired to think at the moment.


A Sad Little Twist Of Skirt
dreamyraven at 2006-03-11 17:42 (UTC) (Link)
Tervetuloa ei-niin-hyvinvoivien kerhoon -_-

Lordin levyn arvostelu *blinkblink* Olisi kiva lukea^^
lordphantom at 2006-03-11 19:06 (UTC) (Link)
Juuh, tänään olen kärsinyt vatsakivuista ja väsymyksestä. Oikein kivaa.

Okei, postaan sen sitten lähipäivinä. Ei välttämättä mitenkään järkevää tekstiä, mutta mikä minun kirjoittamani on koskaan ollut...
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