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mari kissu

"They say that I must be strong just to carry on"

Posted on 2006.07.19 at 21:18
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: Waiting Just For You - Blackmore's Night
Useless babbling. You not interested, you not read, clear? Okay. Good to see you understand.

So, got myself a new pair of shoes on sunday. Yes, I love shoes. They're red and absolutely awesome. In my opinion at least... And I know nobody cares about this, but whatever...

Yeah, and I got myself a new chair today. Yahhoi, my old one is in a quite bad condition, so it's good to have a new one. It's still in pieces though... But that's that. I can deal with that problem later on.

And just because I'm annoying...

Name five songs (with a female singer[s]) you like at the moment
1.Blackmore's Night:Village On The Sand (I really like this song. The feeling is great.)
2.Blackmore's Night:Just Call My Name (I'll Be There) (I don't know why, but this song suits my mood at the moment)
3.Blackmore's Night:The Clock Ticks On (I have always liked this song very much. Everything in it works so well. The melody, the lyrics, and the feeling...)
4.Epica:Dance Of Fate (... I really don't understand how this ended up here... I don't even care for the song that much...)
5.Epica:Quietus (The Score Version) (Well, I do like this version better than the original version. This one is more powerful in my opinion)
Name five songs (with a male singer[s]) you like at the moment
1.Stratovarius:A Drop In The Ocean (Yes, am quite addicted to this song at the moment.)
2.Kamelot:Descent Of The Archangel (The melody appeals to me somehow...)
3.Sonata Arctica:Misplaced (Yeah, I like the song. So?)
4.Sonata Arctica:The Cage (It's fast, it's quite powerful... Stuff like that)
5.Stratovarius:Luminous (Eh... Well, it just works. And... Yeah...)
Name five instrumentals you like at the moment
1.Blackmore's Night:Mond Tanz (Yes, Blackmore's Night again. I happen to like this song, so what? Got a problem?)
2.Blackmore's Night:The Messenger (It's a wonderful song. I really like it, especially right now.)
3.Epica:Mystica (I just do like this song right now...)
4.Shoujo Kakumei Utena:Pessimism (I was going through my CDs, and happened to find my Utena OST 3. Listened to it, and really fell in love with this song. I didn't care for this so much before, but now...)
5.Shoujo Kakumei Utena:Bara no Kokuin (Yeah, also found my Utena OST 8, and had to listen to that one too. This song is very lovely.)

NOTE! If you have duets you like at the moment, place them under "female singer" category if the female singer has a bigger part in the song, and "male singer" category if the male singer has a bigger part in the song. Got it? (No, I don't get why you had to make this meme this way. Why can't you just ask people to name songs they like, and not categorize them like this.)

Okay, ready.


velgar at 2006-07-19 19:49 (UTC) (Link)
I for one vote interested. :P
But just how many red shoes do you have? O_O'
I'm yoinking the meme. ^_^
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