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akio ecstasy
Posted on 2008.08.05 at 21:00
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Fly On A Rainbow Dream - Edenbridge
First of all: sorry about the long absence, but I just haven't feel like writing anything for a while. So, my mood has been quite bad for quite a long time now, but it's getting better now. I'm finally getting my groove back.

So, what else is new? I've been spending way too much time with my PS2, PS3 and DS lately. Yes, playing is too much fun. Maybe I play too much... Maybe... or maybe not.
I've also been enjoying music (as always) and some high quality books by Mercedes Lackey (Mmm... Dragon Jousters-series... Now if I only got my hands on the fourth book...), not to mention strawberries, raspberries and lately some lovely apples.

So... I'll try to update more frequently now that I'm feeling better.

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