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matt is so much sexier than you
Posted on 2009.08.08 at 23:42
Current Mood: hothot
Current Music: Melody Of Lute - Final Fantasy IV
Yaah, the heat makes me feel quite sick. I sweat a lot and it's awful to try to sleep when you're literally bathing in your sweat. Yeah, gross, and it doesn't feel good. Oh, and did I mention my lovely migraine tends to strike when it's too hot? Yes?

Okay, no more complaining. I've been reading a bit too many book by Mercedes Lackey this summer; The Mage Winds-trilogy, By The Sword, and now I'm finishing The Mage Storms-trilogy. The best part? I still want more, and I'm badly hooked. I'm hooked on fantasy literature, and slashy fantasy literature is just yum. Yes, I still am such a sad case. Oh, well... Maybe I'll just go and read some more...

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