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"Revealing precious memories / The whispering gallery"

Posted on 2010.05.31 at 23:48
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: The Whispering Gallery - Edenbridge
Just came around to talk about a TV series I really, REALLY love. Yeah, if you're not interested, beat it.

Well, the TV series in question is Babylon 5 and I just can't help loving it way too much. I actually remember when it used to run on TV in the mid-90's. How sad is that? It was late on sunday evenings, and I had to go to school the next morning, so watching it was quite difficult. Something in it caught my interest back then. A long time ago. AND last november (wow, it's more than half a year ago, since it was mid-november) I spotted the DVD-boxes while I was looking for something little to buy myself. I couldn't resist and I ended up buying the second box (they didn't have the first box in stock... xp). So, I got back home and started watching straight away. One episode and I remembered what a lovely series it was, after that I knew I had to get all five boxes. I did get them, and it didn't take that long from me to get them either (talk about addiction...). The episodes were about 40 minutes long each (that's what I really loved. Actually enough time for something interesting to happen, no crappy 20 minute episodes like quite a few series had...), and I could watch quite a few of them on row. Hooked, addicted, whatever you wanna call it. It took until the end of January from me to watch the whole series through, and I could have gotten it done faster, but I spent quite a few days pondering when to watch the last two episodes. The reason: I didn't want the series to end. It might sound ridiculous, but that's what I thought. And when I finally watched them, I felt so happy in some way. I just loved every second I spent watching that series so much. It made me feel so happy. Yes, maybe I'll stop now, but I really love that series. Very much.

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