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akio ecstasy
Posted on 2010.11.07 at 22:24
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Caritas - Lesiëm
I'm tired, I mean really tired. Spent most of the evening yesterday sleeping because I just couldn't get myself to do anything. I had a rough week, so in my opinion I had the right to rest a bit.

So, Verdi's Requiem on friday. Spent mon-thu evenings at rehearsals, so was pretty beat on friday, but the adrenaline rush kept me going. Well, that and the fact that I love Verdi's Requiem, I love it way too much. There was this one "small" problem, though. How should I put it, um... my ears hurt even after the concert. Why? Well, for example, as much as I love Dies Irae, and I think it's one one the best, if not THE best piece of music written for chorus, the volume level is ear-shattering. Now, if you've never heard Verdi's Dies Irae, first of all be ashamed, and you should check for example, here for reference, that shows well enough what it's like to the audience (and that is quite a good performance even, at least their conductor isn't jumping up and down like ours was. Yes, seriously, it looked quite comical). And let me tell you, the volume is even louder on the stage, and I was standing behind the trombones, oh, the pain. AND if that wasn't fun enough, during the second half, we switched places and I ended up next to the timpani, yes, nice. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the show. It just left me quite drained of all energy, well, that and the rehearsals.

Yes, happy but drained.

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