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jack's jar of dirt
Posted on 2011.04.01 at 23:24
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Prudentia - Lesiëm
Yay, I'm back.

So, I've been sick for nearly two weeks now Yeah, how nice... not. The good thing is, I'm getting better. I no longer cough or sneeze out lots of sticky and bloody slime, I'm very happy about that.

Also, got myself a new bed last friday. It's all lovely and adjustable ^^ Okay, my cat had completely destroyed my old bed, so it was about time I got a new one. My old bed was just seriously so crappy, the legs were loose and came off once in a while, so I could hardly move without the fear of finding myself lying on the floor, and the cat had clawed the mattress to pieces, quite literally even. Spent quite a fear years sleeping in a bed like that, no wonder my back hurt sometimes... Don't have that problem anymore.

Other news is I got Dissidia Duodecim 012 on monday. On monday two weeks ago that is. I have some serious issues with some of things in the game. Why, oh why do they force me to play as some crappy characters I have absolutely no interest in? 012 story overall was such a disappointment, and even more of a disappointment is the lack of a playable Chaos-storyline. Come on SE, let me play as my main characters instead of losers like Lightning (I hate her guts, kill her), Vaan (can't stand him either) or Laguna (have not that much against him, but he's slow and inaccurate, so he gets on my nerves so badly). I also dislike the fact that you can only have the default outfits in the story mode, I mean come on, it wouldn't have been that hard to have the character wear a different outfit while running around the world map, or at least during the battles. Sheesh. Oh, and they still didn't get Kuja any love and that pisses me off, especially since he's one of my three mains. Everybody else got a different looking new alt and poor Kuja got stuck with yet another colour-swap, yay. Up yours SE. And EX revenge blows big time. Okay, have a bit too much to complain about right now. I think I'll just post the rest of my complaining as a different entry. Yeah, a good idea.

Wow, my english sucks right now. I should probably go to sleep...


spiced_wine at 2011-04-01 20:50 (UTC) (Link)
I no longer cough or sneeze out lots of sticky and bloody slime, I'm very happy about that.

Ick. Know what you mean. I am glad you are better.

We need a new mattress, as my back is also starting to complain.

Wow, my english sucks right now. I should probably go to sleep...

Lol, no it does not.
lordphantom at 2011-04-02 15:54 (UTC) (Link)
It's nice to feel better. I had some awful coughing fits some days back and I'm so happy they're over. Plus being sick isn't good for the voice, and I need to use my voice on a daily basis in a way that demands a lot, so being sick sucks big time.

It's surprising how big a difference a new mattress can make. Okay, in my case I'm sure the new and good bed helps a lot too, but my back doesn't hurt anymore. When the mattress is sturdy and comfortable, it can make a big change.

It does not? Nice to hear, I just wrote the entry without bothering to check anything (was too tired...) and my first thought was "it's probably filled with grammar mistakes and spelling errors, but whatever". And the look on my face when I wrote all that was something like this X_x I've managed to create some crazy text when somewhat sick and tired that I no longer have any faith in my abilities to deliver sensible text when I'm in a state like that. I should probably post some of my absolute best 'sick-messages' I've sent to my friends, so that everyone can have good laugh. I'm sure I still have at least a couple of those e-mails saved somewhere...
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