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yum yum russell
Posted on 2011.05.07 at 12:45
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Ave Fortuna - Lesiëm
An update, after a while~~

I've been somewhat busy for some time now, so sorry for the lack of updates. So...
I held my recital on wednesday, wednesday last week that is. I was really stressed out about that, and now that it's done, I've just needed some time relax (I have a concert tomorrow, so there goes my relaxing time...). I can't even begin to describe how stressing it is to arrange absolutely everything yourself, form arranging a place to hold a recital in to getting the posters and programs done (and mind you I had to make those myself as well, from the beginning no less). At least I didn't have to translate the songs myself, that saved me a lot of time and effort (thank you again gabriellemb, you're a dear ♥). Oh, yes, and I started practicing the repertoire for the recital back in October or so, and it really did take about half a year to perfect it to the level where it could be performed in public. I owe a lot to my pianist who was willing to take part in this project of mine, even though she didn't get anything but experience out of it. Oh, and I performed Edward Elgar's Sea Pictures song cycle, which is quite rarely performed, (and the main reason for that is because there aren't that many low female voices) and since it was originally set for voice and orchestra, the material is quite... how should I say it... well, big. Lots of broad lines, big dynamics and a huge intensity level. I really pitied my poor pianist who had to play through all that stuff, her hands must have been sore, but she pulled it off and damn well I might add. Quite a feat from a 19-year-old girl, if she keeps on practicing she's going to be extremely good. And when it comes to me... It is extremely tiring to sing that song cycle, I was exhausted, drained and couldn't even breathe properly for some time after the performance. Oh, and did I mention I had my evaluation straight after the performance? My voice was about an octave lower than normal only because of the strain of singing through that song cycle and I was literally panting, so I guess I was quite a sight when I was trying to talk in a sensible matter with the board. But considering the perfect scores I got, the panting and so didn't matter. In the end, I'm so happy about the way that recital turned out.

Yes, there's a recording of that recital as well, a fellow student was kind enough to record it for me. Now I only need to pester him long enough to get him to remember to send it to me. Then I'll listen to it alone in a dark room and feel ashamed of how crappy I sound(since you can't hear how you really sound like yourself, the truth is different from what it sounds like to your ears..). Another thing worth mentioning is the expression on the face of this fellow student of mine after my recital. He looked so happy and touched, and considering he loves that song cycle to bits, it was a really big reward to see he enjoyed it. And when he came to congratulate me and told me how much he enjoyed listening to it, I felt proud. When you hear something like that from a person who's listened to the song cycle from huge stars like Janet Baker (still the best performance of Sea Pictures ever), it means quite a lot. Seriously.

I had my singing lesson the following day, and my teacher just looked at me for a while and then asked if I had recovered from the previous day. After I told him yes, he just smiled and said I had every reason to feel accomplished and happy about it. But may I say it felt good to hear him say he was so proud of me. Even though he's in a way saying he's proud of his own handiwork when saying things like that, it still feels good.

Why am I talking so much about myself? Maybe I should stop talking now... I'm not sure if I'm even making any sense...

And no, I'm not being arrogant, I just feel satisfied.

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