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akio ecstasy
Posted on 2011.12.02 at 16:04
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: Bed Of Nails - Van Canto
Back again.

So, the opera is done and all, a bit sad to see it end, but can't help it. Would've liked to have more than four shows, though... Anyway around. I have some pictures from the rehearsals and the after party of the last show, still haven't quite decided whether to post them or not, but we'll see.

And some random facts:

- Modern music is difficult to learn. Okay, yeah, I knew this before, but anyway.
- I bought the outfit I wore in the opera.
- I was manhandled quite badly during the shows, as were quite a few others due to some people not listening to instructions... nearly had my earrings torn off during the rehearsals and after that decided to take them off at home beforehand.
- It hurts when a grown man falls on you, SIX times. Once during the rehearsals, then at the dress rehearsal and in every performance. He apologized when he heard about that, but well, we manhandled him quite a lot, so... didn't mind that much.
- The swedish soloists were much nicer and friendlier than the finnish ones. Not surprised. When two of the soloists decide to come and have dinner with two chorus girls, that's quite something (was fun btw, the two guys actually treated me and my friend like equals instead of looking down their noses at us) not to mention the fact that they were willing to come to the after party with us too. Yes, there's even a picture of me with one of the swedes, and I don't tend to let people take pictures of me that much.

And now, since I don't have to worry about getting ill because of the shows, I'm suffering from flu. Yes, charming.

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