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yazoo's gaze
Posted on 2012.04.12 at 22:34
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: A Music In My Soul - Dark Moor
Hi, still around, somewhat tired though. So, aside from school and a concert last week what's been going on in my life? Um... practising and doing schoolwork. That's about it. Went to the after party after the concert, though... Guess that counts, right?

Other than that, my nose is somewhat stuffed, it's apparently time for pollen again. Didn't get that much sleep last night, because of the aforementioned stuffed nose and the heating being turned off in my apartment. Yeah, checked the radiators in the morning and they were cold. No wonder I've been freezing...

Have an exam next week and should be studying, but I'm currently too tired to think or do anything sensible. Lovely... Maybe I'll just go to sleep...

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