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yum yum russell
Posted on 2012.12.20 at 23:29
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Caritas - Lesiëm
Just dropped by for a quick entry~

Okay, so I finally have at least some free time in my hands, in other words: vacation!
Basically that menas I can sleep! And do other stuff I ahven't had time for in a while... All in all, I'm enjoying my free time. Went out to have lunch with a friend yesterday (had some good chili con carne), ended up going shopping with her and bought some pressies (=time well spent). Went out to have lunch/dinner with another friend today, we ended up talking about music/musicians/pedagogical skills.... and realized our food had nearly gone cold while we were talking. Yeah, but I've been having fun ^^

And just because I feel like it, here are some pictures I took in October (just to show off the sceneries, will take more pictures soon just so you can compare...)


A snowy scenery. Interesting, isn't it?


A snowy forest. Yes, fascinating.


A path going through the said forest.


A beach, and yes, that's the sea you can see in the picture.

And all of this just to show that these were really taken back in October. There was snow back then, then it melted, and after that came back. Now there's lots of it, and it's cold. Okay, it's currently ONLY -12 Celsius...

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