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no way
Posted on 2013.02.25 at 13:01
Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Wind Like Stroke - Dark Moor
Ya, so to sum up all kinds of stuff that has happened during the last two months...
First of all, I've been extremely busy. Had a 'level examination' of sorts at school (that's the closest translation there is, as the terms used in music education vary from one country to another) in February. Okay, basically had to learn a bunch of stuff, handle the mandatory paperwork and actually try to get a decent grade. So, about two weeks before that something went badly wrong and I had a seizure of sorts. Yes, for real, my right arm and leg went numb, I couldn't read because I couldn't understand the text in front of my, I didn't remember words and I couldn't speak. Ended up with a really bad case of migraine to make it even more annoying. Went to see a neurologist the following day, he sent me to MRI, and to my great relief no damage was discovered. But the same neurologist said that there is a chance that I might get similar seizures again in the future (how lovely...). He said I was too stressed and should try to get more free time and all, but was there any chance for that back then? Nooooo...

Anyway around, after my level exam I had about two days to learn Macbeth (Verdi's opera) by heart as there would be an audition for that. The audition is a way to check that everybody knows the piece and can go to the stage rehearsals in the summer. I did some amazing work with it and did manage to learn the damn thing and pass my audition as well. Go me.

So, after the practice camp I had vacation. And I managed to catch a flu, of course. So, I've been suffering from coughing fits, sore throat and stuffy nose for nearly a week, and yesterday I noticed that I also have ophthalmia in my left eye. Around that point I went all 'I give up'. So, apparently I'll be going to see a doctor tomorrow or the day after tomorrow if I don't get better. How lovely.

*goes back to sleep*


spiced_wine at 2013-02-25 12:22 (UTC) (Link)
You poor thing! It does sound as if working too hard and stress has resulted in all these horrible afflictions. I hope the doctor's can help you. {{{Hugs}}}
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