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Posted on 2013.04.06 at 22:01
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: The TV
Okay, so I've been absent for some time, oops...

So, being sick for 1,5 months is not fun at all. Went to see a doctor three times, was on an official sick leave two times (because yanno can't sing opera when suffering form laryngitis) and now I'm finally getting better. I'd better be after the amount of antibiotics I've had to take... Now I'm only taking some strong allergy meds due to being allergic to pollen. All in all, March was one of the worst months in my life. Life could stop beating me around, I've had my share during the last two years. I could take some time off from getting sh*t thrown at me. Yah, must relax now *goes to watch The Mummy on TV*

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