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nakago disapprove
Posted on 2013.05.20 at 08:07
Current Mood: hothot
Current Music: Stolen Materia - Final Fantasy VII
Win8, you are driving me insane. My old laptop finally decided to break quite badly, so I had to get a new one. Okay, ll the computers sold nowadays have win8, and it's a pain in the ass. I can't even begin to describe how much I hate it, so far it has driven me nearly insane quite a few times and it was bought on Saturday. Just wait 'till I've had this thing for a week or so... It was bad enough when I bought a Nokia Lumia in January, but this is seriously even worse. A lot worse, stupid win8...

Okay, enough about that for now (for now, indeed... I'll be complaining more in the future, I'm quite sure of it...), let's talk about something else. It seems like summer has arrived, as it has been sunny and hot around here for nearly a week now. And I really mean hot, I think I could use my balcony as a greenroom... and still I've been lying there with a book and a glass of water with me. I have a bean bag chair on my balcony that I sit/lie on, and just as a random piece of information, that thing tends to get somewhat... hot... with the sun shining straight to the balcony for several hours in a row. Yeah... so, my balcony has a tropical climate. If you want a taste of tropic in Finland, do come and test it out.

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