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mat absolute control

"All the words that have been said are about to grow"

Posted on 2004.04.21 at 16:11
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: Around-Timo Kotipelto
Today was the so-called arts day at school and you can now guess who skipped it. Yes, me. I'm such a lazy bastard...

Anyway. I spent a bit too much money today and ended up buying Timo Kotipelto's new album Coldness and Nightwish's new single Nemo. Bye bye money.

Nemo was a big disappointment. The songs were, eh, bad. Well, I liked Planet Hell, but Nemo and White Night Fantasy... especially White Night Fantasy was absolutely terrible. I was expecting something better.

Next up: Praise! Coldness was amazing! The songs were wonderful and Kotipelto's voice sounded perfect. Coldness was even better than I thought, and I'm so happy I bought it^^ *hugs the CD*

That ends the ranting about the CDs.

(Lyrics from Evening's Fall by Timo Kotipelto)


lysachan at 2004-04-21 11:39 (UTC) (Link)
Nemo was a big disappointment

Wasn't that a fact already before you bought it?

It's a shame that Nightwish has changed for the worse.
lordphantom at 2004-04-21 12:01 (UTC) (Link)
Wasn't that a fact already before you bought it?

Yeah, but I still kept hoping that it would be at least a bit better. And yes, it is a shame. Nightwish was an awesome band, but now...
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