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Posted on 2014.06.01 at 22:30
Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Nine Points Of Roguery - The Virginia Company
Okay, updating my status a bit. Seminar paper has been written, has also been checked by a teacher once, did the corrections she asked for and returned the final version. FINALLY. Am beat, seriously. Foot sprain is better, can walk quite well. There is still some minor pain, but that will be fine (soon, I hope...).

Sucky things? Still need to write those stupid music history essays, I'll just have to sit down some day and force myself to write them all, that's how I'll get them done. I am missing some study points/study credits/course credits (What is the word in English?) because the damned school is agonizingly slow at giving those points/credits, and you actually have to demand for them yourself. I don't think it should be my duty to demand for them or check through my study register all the time to see if I got the points/credits I was supposed to, SEVERAL MONTHS AGO. Dammit. I attend the courses and do the assignments I'm supposed to do, those are my duties. Not checking if some people have managed to give me the points/credits from the aforementioned courses. I'm so frustrated XP!

Aaaaaand, I've managed to catch a cold. My throat hurts and I have to sneeze all the time. Yeah...

Random notes: finally beat Grandia III yesterday. Have owned the game for about four years, but only started playing it this February, and it's over now. Have to play something else... I am playing through the PSP version of FF1 now, though... And am also playing Suikoden V on PS2. Okay, maybe there are enough games for me to play at the moment.

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