The Realm

Chaotic Order

19 October
No Life +
Sick imagination +
Strange addiction to villains.
Need I tell you more?

Yes? Oh, but I am such a boring person.
Um... Let's see... I study music (I'm a classical contralto) play with my computer way too much, and my interests... you can see below. And did I already mention my undying love for villains?
Interested? Feel free to add me, I won't bite. Hard.

And yes, I'm a girl. Wonder why my username is LORD Phantom? It's an old joke, really old, don't ask.

vg_claims: Xion
anime_names: Mullen
eddings_claims: Martel & Stragen
yaoi_names: Long x Xion

my pet!

tattoos are love
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My scroll at DragonCave